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News & Analysis · 29. June 2018
When will the next stock market crash happen? Financial crises and bubbles in the stock market - history and when the next crisis comes.

News & Analysis · 25. June 2018
HotStock Alarm at Micron Technology! Stock analysis to Micron Technology. Here you will find the fair value of Micron Technology.

News & Analysis · 23. June 2018
Here you can find out which ongoing work is necessary for a solid stock portfolio. Continuous care brings higher returns.

News & Analysis · 20. June 2018
Behavioral Finance - The influence of psyche and emotions when trading stocks. Risks and side effects.

News & Analysis · 20. June 2018
Here you will learn how to properly design your stock portfolio and how to properly allocate assets.

News & Analysis · 19. June 2018
Hotstock Alarm! Shake Shack schüttelt die die Burgerbranche. Hoher Fairvalue und nachhaltige Produkten überzeugen.

News & Analysis · 18. June 2018
What is the fair value of stocks? Stocks do not just have a stock market price. Fair value reveals the true price of a stock.

News & Analysis · 15. June 2018
Stock strategy to invest in value stocks. An objective overview of the success of value investment strategies.