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undervalued stocks
News & Analysis · 12. January 2020
In this article we show you how to find cheap and undervalued stocks easily and quickly. With the following tools and metrics everyone can find good undervalued stocks. We also give you instructions on how to find undervalued stocks yourself. In addition, we will show you abnormalities that also promise more returns on undervalued stocks. In this article: Instructions: Find undervalued stocks What is fundamental stock analysis This is how you recognize undervalued stocks Characteristics of good...

News & Analysis · 29. June 2018
When will the next stock market crash happen? Financial crises and bubbles in the stock market - history and when the next crisis comes.

News & Analysis · 25. June 2018
HotStock Alarm at Micron Technology! Stock analysis to Micron Technology. Here you will find the fair value of Micron Technology.

News & Analysis · 23. June 2018
Here you can find out which ongoing work is necessary for a solid stock portfolio. Continuous care brings higher returns.

News & Analysis · 20. June 2018
Behavioral Finance - The influence of psyche and emotions when trading stocks. Risks and side effects.

News & Analysis · 20. June 2018
Here you will learn how to properly design your stock portfolio and how to properly allocate assets.

News & Analysis · 19. June 2018
Hotstock Alarm! Shake Shack schüttelt die die Burgerbranche. Hoher Fairvalue und nachhaltige Produkten überzeugen.

News & Analysis · 18. June 2018
What is the fair value of stocks? Stocks do not just have a stock market price. Fair value reveals the true price of a stock.

News & Analysis · 15. June 2018
Stock strategy to invest in value stocks. An objective overview of the success of value investment strategies.