Stock Analysis

In accordance with the Fair Value Calculator strategy, we follow the top-down approach to assess the current market situation and to find lucrative stocks with a high fair value. In these stock analyzes you will find the best stocks to invest in. In order to evaluate the shares of the companies, we primarily look at the real value of the shares and invest in shares whose value is higher than the current price. We then examine the company for quality and relative strength (momentum). The combination of fair value, quality and relative strength will very likely ensure good future share price development. What happens in the background of our analyzes:

  1. Market valuation by the Marketwatch.
  2. Industry analysis using an average key ratio analysis of more than 50 industries. (Multiple analysis)
  3. Fair value based on 5 different valuation methods. (Fair value calculator and discounted cash flow method)
  4. Quality assessment of the financial key figures using unique quality checks. (Fair P / E ratio)
  5. Analysis of the relative strength of the share for the respective industry. (Momentum)
  6. Analysis of growth opportunities and estimation of future values of the stock. (PEG analysis and comparison)

On this page you will find unique stock analyzes, as the analysis method was developed by us. In our analyzes, we use the data from our premium database to find and analyze the best stocks. You can also carry out these analyzes yourself by using the Premium Tools with the Premium Membership!

Stock analysis Delta Airlines

Stock Analysis Delta Stock 10/17/20

Airlines have been hit hard by the corona virus. Is there a grest chance of a quick recovery now? The Delta Airlines stock anlysis.

stock analysis bayer ag

Stock Analysis Bayer stock 10/11/20

The stock of Bayer AG stumbled in the last period. Is it now a bargain or still too expensive to be a good stock investment? 

Stock Analysis Facebook 10/11/20

The Facebook share is the favorite of many analysts and is considered a basic investment. Full Facebook Stock Analysis.