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Membership on Fair Value Calculator gives you access to a database of more than 50,000 shares and countless stocks of high fair value, that are more worth than they cost. Before you buy the access to the database, you can see in the individual search whether the stocks you are interested in are in the database. If you simply want to put together a stock portfolio, the Portfolio Manager will recommend you many different stocks. In addition, as a member, you receive up-to-date newsletters and news when something changes to your fair value portfolio or even an action is necessary.


Click the "Buy Access to Premium Tools Now" button and make the payment on Paypal. As a result, you will receive your access code by email within a few minutes. Keep this information, because it is the password for your access. Do not delete this email or write down the access data. With the login details from the mail, you can login to the Portfolio Manger, view all fair-values from our database or put together your own diversified fair value portfolio, which you can transfer to your real money account.

*Cancel your Subscription at any time!

Payment method of the membership fee is Paypal. By clicking on the button "Buy now access to premium tools" you will be redirected to Paypal. As a result, you can make the payment. With the completion of the payment you also pay the monthly fee of 7.90,- Euro. You can cancel this fee anytime on Paypal by clicking on the payment and subsequently canceling the subscription. (Only with the monthly subscription you will receive email alerts if fair values in your watchlist change or an action in your portfolio is necessary.) The access is still valid for the current month even if you instantly cancel it. The 49.90 euros correspond to the setup fee for your access and will be charged only once. By purchasing Premium Tools, you will be able to view the Fair Value of Shares and other details. You do not really buy stocks, you buy the analysis of the intrinsic value of the stock.