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Dr. Peter Klein, BA - Founder Fair Value Calculator

I had a dream.
A dream to make investing simpler! To be able to distill complex valuation methods into simple and easy to use tools so as to make investing accessible for investors of all age groups, beginners and professionals alike. It was not enough to simply make investing accessible.


I had a dream. A dream to make it possible for those using my tools to succeed in investing, to build a portfolio that generates wealth. To be able to identify undervalued stocks quickly and easily.

I had a dream. A dream to provide professional information about tens of thousands of stocks across the world at the fingertips of my users, to get them valuations akin to expert advice. Fairvalue-Calculator is the culmination of my efforts to make your investment decisions better. 


Dr. Peter Klein, BA – Founder of Fair Value Calculator

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Premium membership of Fairvalue-Calculator gives you access to our AI Stock Valuation Tool which covers upwards of 35,000 stocks worldwide evaluating them through 40+ metrics and valuing each individual stock using 15+ valuation formulae. A treasure trove of stocks trading below their fair value can be accessed at the tip of your fingers, all from the comfort of your laptop or pc.

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Terms of Use: You accept our terms of use on the purchase of your membership. The terms can be found here. Kindly go through them before you sign up for our premium membership.

Membership Benefits

Our premium membership opens up the world of fairvalue calculator to you with access to our premium database containing valuable information on the fair value of tens of thousands of international stocks. The inbuilt stock screener will be able to provide you a list of interesting stocks using a variety of customizable filters.

One can create their own watch list as well as multiple portfolios (sample portfolios will also be provided) to monitor their chosen stocks as well as their performance. This will also allow us to demonstrate the strength of our tool as well as convince you about our effectiveness. Should you choose to end our membership, the same can be terminated anytime via PayPal.

  • Email notifications and alerts when the fair values of the stocks in your watch list or portfolio change

  • An AI supported portfolio manager who will support you in creating a diversified equity portfolio which will also reduce your risk

  • Ability to search for any individual stock across the world in our exhaustive and massive database. If you think of a stock name, chances are we will have fair value information about it.

  • Ability to deep dive into each stock and analyze at a granular level with our stock subpages which will provide you with key financial numbers, ratios as well as our valuation numbers to help in your analysis

  • Easy to understand explanation suitable for beginners and professionals alike

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As our premium member, you will also receive an affiliate link should you wish to show our tools to your family, friends, colleagues or other interested people. In case you are a blogger, influencer, website owner, a large trader or investor with your own audience or follower base, you can use this affiliate link to promote our website and a suitable reward shall be provided.

If a membership is purchased using your affiliate link, a monthly payment of EUR 2.5 per user shall be paid as long as their membership is active. You can request the amount to be paid out from 100 Euros if you are an active member yourself. The amount shall be credited to the PayPal account that is linked to your own Fairvalue-Calculator membership within a few days. Your affiliate link is available in the premium dashboard once you have acquired our premium membership

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Reactivating account and second membership: Creation of an account and the purchase of premium membership leads to the creation of a dashboard that is associated with that user. Should you choose to delete your account, all the data, watch lists and the dashboard will be deleted as well and you will no longer be able to monitor them or the stocks in them. Reactivation of account is not possible.