Advanced Fair Value Calculator

This accurate fair value calculator will help you determine the value of a stock more precisely. To do this, enter the necessary key figures into the calculator. Note that all entered values must be positive in order to get a meaningful result.

Try to find out the fundamental key figures you need by researching the Internet. You can find these on the relevant stock exchange portals or directly in the stock corporation's annual report. Only stocks with a higher fair value than the current market price are interesting for an investment. You can also work with estimates on all manual calculators.

Formula to calculate a stock's Fair Value

In this calculator we use the algorithm specially developed for the Fair Value Calculator. On the basis of existing established methods, we have further developed the formulas in such a way that the influence of several fundamental key figures makes the result of the share's fair value even more precise. This calculator uses the formula that is also used in the premium segment for the fair value, among other things. In the premium area, the required key figures are automatically loaded so that you no longer have to work to find the necessary key figures in an Internet search. In addition, you will find many useful tools to help you find good equity investments. In addition to the market and industry analysis tool, you will also find screeners and portfolio managers that give you everything you need to find good stocks and put together a successful stock portfolio.

The Fairvalue Calculator is also aimed at beginners who are not yet very familiar with fundamental stock analysis. In order to support beginners, we have created 6 lessons in the tutorial area in addition to a detailed explanation to make it easier to get started with buying shares. These are not too long and you can go through them one after the other. Free of charge, of course.