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The Fairvalue Calculator automatically loads key data to more than 45.000 stocks into the database and calculates the fair value with 15+ different valuation models. Additionally we deliver unique market and sector valuation tools. 12.90€ per month - cancel anytime.

Fair Value Calculator
Stock Analysis Tools

Stock Screener. Sector & Market Valuation Tool

These powerful tools help you find the best and cheapest stocks worldwide in a matter of seconds.

Higher Returns
Studies show that undervalued stocks generate higher returns than overvalued stocks do in the long run.
Easy Handling
It's that simple: Just use the screener, predefined boxes or the search bar to find your favourite Fair Value stocks.
Worldwide Coverage
100+ data points on each of the 35,000 stocks are loaded into the database every day and processed automatically.
Stock Idea Strategy Boxes

Your Strategy - Your Stocks.

Preset boxes fitting your investment style help you to find the best stocks for every stock strategy. Join Fair Value Calculator now!

Find the best stocks to your strategy.

Preassembled stock lists fitting to your investment criteria, always keeping the fair value in mind:

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Trend Following
Market Valuation

Analyze the Overall Stockmarket

The Market Analysis Tool helps you to define wheter its a good time to buy big into stocks or to keep some cash.

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Market Valuation
Big data provides a market valuation that indicates undervaluation below 1.


Recommended Cash
Depending on how cheap the stock market is the lower the cash rate should be.
valued stocks
Database Statistics
Total overvalued & undervalued stocks in database provides additional information.
Sector Analysis

See the Best Sectors at a Glance

Find the best sectors to invest in. Simple color coded table - the more green, the better.

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Fair Value. Key Data. And Relative Performance.

With the Sector Analysis Tool we introduce a new way to find great sectors to invest in. The combination of key data like P/E or PEG and relative sector performance to the market performance shows undervalued sectors that are performing strong.

Stock Analysis

Financial Analysis Made Easy.

You don't have to be an expert to understand the financial fundamentals and ratios of a stock.

Alphabet Inc.

For each stock there is a stock sub-page where you can find out more about the stock. General ratings on the company's finances and the development of the stock price help to get a first impression of the company. Look for a higher Fair Value than stock price!

Overall Rating
Fundamental Rating

Stock Price: 98$ < Fair Value: 153$

Key Data & Multiple Comparison

Discover a New Way of Analysis

Discover, interpret and compare stock data the easy way. Just compare the stock's financial data to its peers and to the average targets, that are generally considered as good for the future stock performance. Each box is color coded, as always, the more green, the better. This data is used to estimate the Fair Value with 15 different valuation models and to create the fundamental rating. Additionally earnings- and revenue growth is integrated in our algorithm.

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Stock Screener

Stock Screener with unique filters.

Find your favorite Fair Value Stock with amazing financial filter options to every data point we deliver:


Low Price - High Value

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Dr. Peter Klein, BA

Dr. Peter Klein, BA


"We've come a long way! Originally, I only wanted to develop this tool for myself, to gain a comprehensive overview of the markets and uncover those often overlooked businesses. My heart and soul were poured into this project from the very beginning. However, the incredible feedback I received inspired me to make it accessible to others. Since then, I've been passionately working to continuously improve it. Because at the end of the day, my goal is to create genuine value not just for myself, but for all those who share our passion."

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