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With the Fair Value Calculator method, you invest in stocks that are actually worth more than they currently cost. However, if you buy into a currently overheated market, Fair Value stocks could suffer from a negative market environment. Especially large stocks with a high market volume have a high correlation to the development of the overall market. To improve your investment and to assess whether the market is cheap or expensive, it is worth taking a look at the here presented market watch.


Marketwatch: 0 - 0.75


Marketwatch: 0.75 - 1


Marketwatch: 1-2

Calculation of the marketwatch

The market analysis tool is used to calculate the fair value of the overall stock market. To do this, the average P/E, P/B, P/S and dividend yield of all stocks in the database are calculated. As a result, the average key figures are compared to their long-term average. The long-term averages of the key ratios are:


Long-term average P/E ratio: 17.5

Long-term average P/B ratio: 3

Long-term average P/S ratio: 1.5

Long-term average dividend yield: 5%


Since we have these ratios for more than 30,000 shares in the Fair Value Calculator database, we can compare all of these average key ratios to their longterm average. Additionally the relationship between overvalued shares and undervalued shares is determined in the database. The average of these 5 factors results in the market fair value, which is automatically recalculated daily.

A value below 0.75 is extremely cheap, a value between 0.75 - 1 neutral and above 1 is expensive.

It is therefore preferable to only put new money into the stock portfolio if the market analysis shows a value of less than 0.75. This requires a lot of patience. Historically, such a value only occurs in very weak stock markets. It can take years before such a low value is reached. You could miss out on returns in particularly strong stock market phases. Take risk out of your portfolio if the market watch is expensive and, on the other hand, use particularly favorable phases to buy more stocks.

In the Premium Tools of the Fair Value Calculator, you can view additional market data and call up the historical chart of the Marketwatch.


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