Calculator and database for fair values of stocks.

Find out the true value of stocks. Aim of this investing strategy for stocks is to invest in stocks with a higher intrinsic value than their latest stock price. On this website you learn about the strategy and find out thousands of true stock values. 



Our Fair-Value Strategy is not the reinvention of the wheel. Its a strategy followed by the greatest stars of wall street. But you don't have to be an expert in stock markets to boost your stock portfolio!

We learned from the best investors and made value investing as easy as possible so that every user at home can learn the strategy in a few steps. 

Follow our Tutorial and become a successful value investor. 

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With the Premium-Stock-Screener you receive insights of more than 90.000 stock fair values. 

Fair Value Strategy


Learn the Fair Value Calculator Strategy in a quick and easy way. Have a look at our tutorials and become an Outperformer!


We from examined studies and did big backtesting to prove our strategy. In the past 13 years we proofed that our strategy would have outperformed stock markets.

With an additional annual return of 9-15% and less volatility, the fair value calculator strategy shows an interesting alternative in investing. 

Reda our examinations of backtesting and studies our strategy.




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