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Fair Value Calculator is an online service founded by Dr. Peter Klein, BA. Through years of studies and evaluations of backtests, existing fair value strategies have been improved and, above all, greatly simplified. Fair Value Calculator is located in Austria, Styria. The project was implemented together with stock market experts and programming specialists and is constantly being expanded and improved. Fair Value Calculator was founded in 2005 and has grown steadily ever since.


The aim of the project is the identification of "cheap" stocks. This means that with our tools you can easily and quickly identify cheap stocks and a favorable market environment. The result should be a better performance of your stock portfolio.

Very complex valuation methods, which are difficult to learn for stock market beginners, have been simplified so that thousands of shares could be valued to provide you with professional information even if you are not an expert.

With the help of the Fair Value Calculator page, every newcomer can learn our concept and strategy within a very short time.

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Dr. Peter Klein, BA - Gründer Fair Value Calculator


Dr. Peter Klein, BA 


Founder of fairvalue-calculator and inventor of the Fair Value Calculator. You are welcome to contact me, I am happy about any cooperation, criticism or suggestions for improvement! Just write me an email and i am happy to discuss.


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