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Sector Analysis
Overall Market Valuation
Unique Stock Screener
Fair Value
Screen for 45.000+ stocks with high Fair Value worldwide.
Combined, technical and fundamental ratings.
Region, Industry & Size
Choose from more than 75 regions and sectors.
Dividend Yield
Find the stocks with the highest dividends.
Stock vs. Market
Stocks that performed better than the market.
Companies that need little money to make big profits.
Long-term and short-term revenue growth data.
Financial Key Ratios
Key Ratios that define how successful a company is.

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Dr. Peter Klein, BA

Dr. Peter Klein, BA


" We have come a long way, now look where we are! In 2005 I wanted to program a manual calculator just for my own use. Now we have a self-updating database and a sophisticated algorithm with unique insights into the stock market that generate analysis for everyone in an understandable way."

Can I Pay with PayPal or Credit Card
We provide PayPal an Credit Card as payment method. With PayPal you can manage your subscription yourself.
How Can I Cancel My Premium Subscription?
With your Paypal account you can cancel your monthly subscriptions plans within the Paypal web version. If you choose to use Paypal with credit card or debit card without creating a PayPal Account we can cancel the subscription for you at anytime without period of notice. Just use the contact form here.
Is There a Free Trial?
We provide you with a limited trial version of our Full Access subscription plan. In the trial version you will find 5 Stock Reports to get in touch with our tools.
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