Advanced Fair Value Calculator

Use this Advanced Fair Value Calculator to define the Fair Value of stocks in a more accurate way.

Plug the financial metrics into this calculator and get a more accurate estimate of the stock’s true value (fair value).

To find out more about the individual key figures, use the other free online calculators and insert their results into this calculator. The individual values can be found via a Google search, in the annual report on the company’s website under “Investors Relations” or on relevant share portals.

Save time and work and use our Premium Tool, where a large number of different evaluation models are used and the required data is loaded automatically. Find instantly more than 45.000 Fair Values.

Head to our Key Ratio Calculators to learn more about the data you have to insert into this calculator. If this is too complicated for you, we also offer a Simple Fair Value Calculator, which is less accurate but much easier to handle.

Why This Fair Value Calculator Is More Accurate

This more accurate Fair Value Calculator uses other key figures to determine the fair value of stock more precisely. Most fair value calculators use some form of profit and growth to calculate fair value. With this particularly accurate calculator, however, key figures such as return on equity or EBIT margin are also used to assess the profitability of a company. In addition, the book value is included in the calculation, which makes this calculator unique calculator.

The formula used in this calculator is a formula that our company has developed with the evaluation of years of market observation and statistical analysis of our database. This formula is also used in the Premium Tools in addition to the already-established formulas. In the Premium Tools, this more accurate formula and 12 other valuation models are displayed in a very comprehensive way and their average can be found very easily. 

This is How You Calculate the Fair Value in a More Accurate Way

Note that all inserted values must be positive. To determine a more accurate fair value, you can use the additional free calculators or our Premium Tools. The formula used in this calculator is derived from the discounter cash flow method and has been optimized using specially developed algorithms.

This more accurate Fair Value Calculator will help you determine the value of a stock more precisely. To do this, enter the necessary key figures into the calculator. Note that all entered values must be positive in order to get a meaningful result. Start your free trial now and enjoy more than 20 key financial ratios and valuation models to more than 45000 stocks worldwide. Unlock the Premium Tools to analyze automatically more than 45,000 stocks. 

More Online Fair Value Calculators

Additionally, we offer a calculator for each respective key ratio and financial metric to us before using this more accurate fair value calculator. If you have trouble finding the information you need to fill out our calculators head to Education and “Find Fundamental Data”. There you will learn how to find all the information you need to estimate a fair value and where to find the data you need to use our calculators. In our Premium Tools, we load these data automatically and calculate the fair values to more than 45,000 stocks worldwide.

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