Simple Fair Value Calculator

With the simple fair value calculator you can find out the true value of a stock by entering earnings per share and growth. Please note that both the EPS and the growth must be positive in order to calculate the fair value.

You can find the key figures you need to enter into the calculator on relevant stock information platforms or in the financial reports of the corporations website. 

The formula in this calculator

This calculator combines a formula developed by the Fairvalue Calculator with the discounted cash flow method. The advantage is that you only need these two key figures to be able to estimate the fair value of the share. To calculate more accurate fair values, you can use the other fair value calculators. In the premium version of the Fairvalue Calculator, we have already automated all known ways of calculating a fair value and you only have to enter the name of the stock whose fair value you are interested in. In addition, there are many helpful tools available that show, among other things, whether the market is currently cheap or expensive or which industry is currently undervalued or overvalued. The stock screener helps you to find cheap shares quickly and the portfolio manager shows you how you can build up your portfolio yourself.

If you are not very familiar with the valuation of stocks, you can also follow our tutorial, in which we explain everything you need to know in 6 short lessons to invest in stocks according to the Fairvalue Calculator strategy. The tutorial is free of charge.

To calculate a more accurate fair value you can also use the more accurate fair value calculator. Although this one needs more fundamental metrics than this calculator, it also gives a more detailed look at the true value of the stock. To invest in stocks of high value you should find stocks that have a fair value higher than the current market price. You can find the fundamental key figures for a share using a Google search and relevant stock market portals that you can enter into this calculator.