Piotroski F Score Calculator

Empowering Investors with Data-Driven Insights for Informed Decision-Making

The Piotroski F Score Calculator is a tool designed to assess the financial strength and performance of a company based on specific accounting metrics. Named after its creator, Joseph Piotroski, a finance professor at the University of Chicago, the F Score evaluates various fundamental indicators to determine the overall health and potential for improvement of a company.

The calculator typically considers nine financial metrics, including profitability, leverage, liquidity, and operating efficiency, among others. Each metric is assigned a score based on predetermined criteria, with higher scores indicating stronger financial performance and lower risk.

By inputting relevant financial data into the calculator, you can generate an F Score that quantifies the company’s financial condition. This score serves as a valuable tool for investors and analysts seeking to make informed decisions about investing in or assessing the health of a company.

It simplifies the evaluation process by automating the calculation of this composite score, providing you with a quick and convenient way to gauge a company’s financial strength and potential for future growth.