Calculate the true value of stocks!

Add the earning per share and revenue growth to the calculator and get the stock's true value (fair value).

The auxiliary calculators serve as supplement and allow a historical influence on the main calculator. This allows you to determine the fair value more accurately by the historical average.

Fair Value Calculator

Insert EPS and Growth into the mainframe to get the fair price of the stock. For EPS you use earning per share, for growth the annual increase in revenue in %.

Guidelines for Using the Fair Value Host:

  • EPS should be between 0.8 and 15, Growth must be at least 0.1%.
  • The fair value is stated in the currency in which the EPS is entered. A conversion may be necessary.

Auxiliary Calculators for EPS & Growth

The auxiliary calculators determine the EPS and the revenue growth. The results are entered into the main calculator above.

The influence of historical data over several years makes the result more accurate.

Average EPS Calculator

Average Revenue Grwoth Calculator

How to Calculate a stock's Fair Value (real price):

The Fair Value calculator consists of the main calculator, which reproduces the self-developed formula, two auxiliary calculators and one database.

To use the Fair Value Calculator, "earnings per share" and "growth" must be entered. These key figures can easily be found on financial websites on stocks or the annual reports of stock market corporations.

The two auxiliary calculators can provide a weighted average to the two key figures that are necessary for the main Fair Value Calculator above.


In the Premium database, the fair values for many stocks have already been calculated and other key figures are included in the fair values in the database. This ensures that the fair value of nearly every share worldwide is immediately accessible and users can retrieve many fair values from the database.


Flowchart of a calculation of the fair value using the two weighted average calculators for EPS and Growth and the manual main calculator:

How to calculate a stocks fair value